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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crap: The Ultimate Chinese Weapon

We needn't worry about the military and nuclear capabilities of the Chinese. They will never use them to take over or destroy the world. That would be a waste of capital and potential markets. China has become the ultimate national corporation and its is already taking the world over with cheap, often dangerous, crap. Because its production costs are kept low by national control of money, labour, and plant locations, it is driving down the wages and living standards of people world-wide. This has the effect of making cheap crap indispensable because it is all we can afford. Although cheap crap is far more attractive and effective if there's a healthy mark-up, as electronics manufacturers know.

Cheap crap has already poisoned our pets, endangered our children, and flooded our armed forces with millions, if not billions of fake parts (according to a warning from the US  military that Harper  ignored because he's too busy sucking up to the Chinese, so he can pump them oil and make them our new colonial masters like Britain  and Americas before them). When our economies suffered because of manufacturer defection and lowered earning capacity, they buy up our debt. They control our economies, tell our politicians what to think, and have rendered our  planes and tanks useless. All without firing a shot or sending one soldier across their border.
And the kicker is that the ideas on how to make the cheap crap come from us, either stolen by internet, or given by us to be sold back to us. They don't need an army. They have us. The Chinese corporation's cheap crap rules the world. No wonder their economic growth, another term for corporate profit, is so huge. We should all be like them.

However, the Chinese themselves may be our best allies. As their growth creates a larger middle-class, they will want cheap crap of their own. They might even want good crap and other things like rule of law and democratic rights. When the shareholders realize that the CEO and board don't own the corporation, there may be some "reorganization of their business model". That too may spread world-wide.

When a billion people ignite their spirits in a united cause, who knows what might happen?