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Monday, June 25, 2012

How you determine what a good government looks like?

A good government is one that exists to provide services and protections for its people. Good, targeted, efficient regulations on business and the economy and environment without regulating personal behaviour that doesn't harm others. It should balance freedoms, rights, responsibilities and duties in its laws. A good government that is run for and by the people, where all view points get fair attention and representation an no vote is wasted. Mature coalitions are a sign of mature government. Working together on a problem instead of automatic opposition is a sign of good government. Government where the representatives are employees of the citizens and not their masters and are given benefits and pay as such. Bills that are actually the result of informed debate and reasonable comprises rather than so-called majorities ramming ideology down everyone's throats. Above all, a government not beholden to those who financed them. All parties should draw the same amount for their campaigns out of a central fund that anyone can contribute to. You fund democracy not parties. Government and civilization must be cooperative processes or they become tyrannies of one form or another. An never let the military gain control of the government. Militaries are trained not to give up what they take. You can tell a good government by its fruit. Does it improve the lives of the vast majority of its citizens or just a privileged few? If so it is only the government of the few for the few.