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Monday, June 11, 2012

Political Reform

We need proportional representation, including in the cabinets. We need an end to the adversarial system and the institution of a mature one based on cooperation and compromise, trying to come at issues from every angle and use what works best, regardless who proposes it. Opposite views can work together to improve results, each pointing out flaws that can be corrected in a constructive process.  We need the end of party discipline and the institution of free votes on everything. Every elected member should be a full participant in the government, not just the party with the most asses in seats. Ending first past the pole ends strategic voting and makes every vote count. We should also have compulsory voting. Jury duty is compulsory because it is essential to the system. It is  a microcosm of democracy as a whole. If jury duty is a duty, then voting is more so, and even more essential to the system functioning properly. We seem to have forgotten the concept of duty.  We also need an elected, effective senate, and politicians should be well-paid but they should only get the same sorts of pensions as everyone else...one that they contribute to themselves and/or the Canada Pension. They are citizens after all, they should be treated as such, not elected nobles. I'd also get rid of the crown and have parliament led by a president directly elected by the people who was both head of government and head of state for better representation and efficient use of our money. Then we would actually elect our leaders rather than letting small numbers of devotees select people for our most important jobs. I'd also have all parties draw from a central pool of funds for their election activities instead of letting special interests pay for policy.