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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why Harper Hates Facts

As a hypocrite, facts and evidence usually contradict and expose him. He claimed his would be the most open and accountable. We got the most secretive, message-controlling, unaccountable bunch we've ever had. He claims he's good for the economy, but all the good has come due to structural regulations and practices preceding him. He's run deficits., mishandled purchases, spent public money on pork and propaganda, used senators as fundraisers, and helped maintain the sluggishness of our economy, now in recession. He's inflicted damage on our environment, weakened our economic diversity, and repeatedly passed flawed, insulting, and unconstitutional laws. He's not as completely inept as Bush, more on a Canadian scale, let's not give him time for a Katrina.Turf the hypocrite.

Canada’s NDP / Le NPD du Canada uploaded a new video from 2015 to their timeline.
Conservatives promised to clean up Liberal corruption. Let's look at their record: