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Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Billionaire's Warning to Potential Followers

This is one of the wisest things that I have heard a business person say. The following describes a real leader. Democracy is bigger than a business or a game-show masked as reality.

Episode 3
Victoria Falls
Sam and Nicole arrive o­n top of Victoria Falls preparing to create a world record. The two will ride down the waterfall in a barrel created in part by NASA. This is not a stunt. This real-life endeavor has a red emergency panic button and requires an additional liability waiver. The barrel has not been completely tested, but preliminary screenings o­nly harmed people o­n a near-fatal scale. I repeat: There have been no deaths in the capsule. Nicole questions the safety while Sam listens and nods. In the end, Nicole does not want to regret never seeing her family again, and Sam does not want to miss this opportunity. Nicole forfeits, so Sam and Branson are elevated in the barrel, but it does not drop. Branson informs Sam that this was a test—a hazardous test. In life and business, it is important to know when to take risks and when to follow your own instinct. This challenge is too dangerous to complete. Together they return home. At dinner, Nicole loudly toots her own decision-making horn, failing to notice Sam's anguish. Between Sam's poor choice and Nicole's tasteless gloating, Richard does not know whom to eliminate. The other players cannot predict the outcome, but all know that smugness is not a virtue. For the moment, it is anyone's game. In the end, Branson liked that Sam made a decision and stuck with it. As a leader, Nicole should have stopped his teammate, but at least she questioned the deadly task. Sam is sent packing and Nicole boards the plane with her self-appointed new friends.