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Saturday, October 8, 2016

None of Us has a Perfect Point of View

You can't see the entire mountain of truth from one point of view, particularly if it's the one that your feet are planted upon.

Although I do try to define evil as dehumanization and point out examples of it in action, I'm not trying to call anyone evil, stupid, or blind. Unwilling to be compassionate, yes, but not unable to care, reason, or see.

I am saying that their point of view may interfere with the clarity and scope of the viewpoint. I'm suggesting that they consider a change. Move a bit towards another side and look at it from a different angle. The view might improve. It might be better than your original one. You don't stop being you, you just care enough to be moved to shift a little. You have compassion for your own limitations and those imposed by nature and the situation. It may provide more stable foot  upon which to stand, a better grip.

None of us has a higher point of view. That kind of thinking traps us all on its slippery slope. You can't see the bottom from the top, and little in between.

I don't listen to or watch CNN or Fox or most other commercial media. I'm not an American, that's just a fact. I draw upon media sources from around the world, most not commercial. I also draw from non-media organizations and groups and various points of view. I try to sift out what's accurate. Truth is too hard to find. You can judge that. I'm not parroting a party line. I'm trying to broaden and deepen my own view.

I'm both liberal and conservative, hopeful and cautious. I try to choose the point of view  most useful in the situation with compassion as the guiding principle and progress the goal.

Compassion is my project.

Everything is always in process
Only compassion defeats dehumanization.