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Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Challenge to the Masked Legion

Hi all who shall remain anonymous.

I know every has their own projects but surely there must be some way that the talented and the bold cane figure out how to activate the FM radio receiver chips in Canadian cellphones. A free resource is being monetized by keeping the chips disabled so that they can bleed us dry with data charges. Three corporations control our communications, although they transmit on frequencies considered national resources and governed by the CRTC. They control our information. If they didn't demand the ability to have the radio chip disabled, the ability wouldn't exist. Why would manufacturers included a useless part? Working is usually the default state for built-in parts. This can be a literal matter of life and death and ending the control truly means power for the people. In the Fort McMurray fire, cell service was knocked out and all local transmissions disrupted. Only the CBC radio signal from Edmonton, five hours away, remained reliable. The information oligarchs must be stopped!

If I wrote code, I'd take a hack at it myself.

I've seen a lot of inspiring words and images. Is there anything else behind the mask?