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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Social Capitalism and the True Sharing Economy

Below are perfect examples of social capitalism and the true sharing economy. The first is a business model designed to generate half its profits for charity. Te second is an information sharing service giving strength and independence to traditional small farmers. They say the farmers provide answers for altruism but the sharing economy is based ion the idea that when these farmers do need information, they will find it in the same way in which they gave it. Paying it forward. What goes around comes around. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours when it gets itchy, or someone else will. A circular sharing web.

The Entrepreneurs

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8 June 2016
29 minutes
Tucked in a narrow alleyway in Jerusalem is the city’s oldest tattoo shop, a family-run firm that’s been inking everyone from bikers to priests and pilgrims for hundreds of years. We meet the latest in a long line of family members to take on the business. Plus: we talk social entrepreneurship with the founder of Livoos, a new online luxury store that donates 50 per cent of its revenue to charity, and the founder of WeFarm, an innovative knowledge-sharing service for the world’s 500 million small-scale farmers.

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Livoos launches this week with a range of luxury fashion and accessories labels, and claims to be the first lifestyle company in the world to donate 50 per cent of its revenue to charitable causes. We meet the company’s founder and CEO Flavio Amorelli.
Chapter 3
8 minutes


We talk social entrepreneurship with Kenny Ewan, founder of WeFarm, an innovative peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform for small-scale farmers.