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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Capitalism and Democracy

Why  does capitalism seem opposed to a green future?

Green technology has the potential of democratizing the production of the energy essential to society and economy. The elite and their corporations don't want individuals controlling and profiting from their own power.

Capitalism was born in the colonial era with the creation of the corporation to fund imperial ventures and disperse risk to its noble investors while increasing wealth of Empire and upper class. Exploitative at its root, most of its wider benefits have resulted from rebellions by those exploited,  not capitalism. Capitalists don't share wealth or effort, cooperate, or relinquish advantage, unless doing so to increase their own profit or given no choice. Neoliberals have worked long and hard to reverse nearly all these victories. Capitalism doesn't solve problems, it profits off them.

Essential to the African slave trade and the rise of the USA, capitalism exploits resources, labour, consumers, and markets, "as far they will bear" and beyond. Or, puts on speed to suck them dry while still hot.

The prefect capitalist enterprise would be a slave-power multinational monopoly selling highly addictive, non-lethal drugs.

Opium trade anyone?

Wall Street?
De Beers?

Some things are closer to perfection than others.

The Markets will Determine Our Fate!
Blessed with Intelligence, Wisdom, and Compassion!
Tithe to Their Priests and Saints!