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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Canada's Cellular Giant

Controlling the on-ramp to the Information Superhighway, the big Canadian telecoms are like the three-headed giant in Monty Python's Holy Grail, stomping and devouring all smaller competition while threatening the villagers with its massive club of silently agreed pricing. II recently heard the grey-market reselling of cheaper Manitoba and Saskatchewan contracts as the result of a quirk in the Canadian market. Yeah, the quirk of actual competition due to these being the only provinces with a viable fourth option, provincial telecoms. This makes the prices nearly half those in the rest of the country. Can't have that. Rogers and Telus are scrambling to put a stop to it. The giant must have its shrubbery

The triad can't stand competition. That would be a free market. A monopoly of three is still a monopoly, an implicit conspiracy of price fixing for common interest. Communication and information infrastructure is essential in a country this large. It should be owned and controlled by everyone, available equally to all providers that wish to use it.

The giant needs to fall. We villagers can't afford to keep fattening its belly. It blocks our way forward. The triad must be broken to liberate the market. We must treat modern communications as a real superhighway, not the toll-road of the big three.