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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vetoing Effectiveness

Some say that the United Nations doesn’t work, and they ate correct, or at least partially so. It has many sub-organizations that are extremely effective in serving their mandates. Where it fails, and fails big, is the so-called Security Council. There is no way for such a council to function when even one member holds a veto. It invalidates its very existence.

You want actual world security, eliminate the veto. The five members with them will retain their permanent seats, but then no one member, or two, as in Syria, can hold the Council hostage to its selfish interests. Maybe then it could actually act, enabling the General Assembly to do so (A direction of process that seems backward to me but it’s what we have.)

The world doesn’t need full unity to establish a preponderance of peace and put out fires before they explode, taking out millions, it needs to end the veto and its strangle hold on the process. The tyranny of the few must end.

This should be put to a binding vote of the general assembly.

Veto the veto!