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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Forty-two is Douglas Adams's terrifically hilarious to the Ultimate Question of "Life, the Universe, and Everything", pointing out that no one knew what the question really was. To discover the question they built the ultimate computer, the Earth and all living on it.

I think he was on to something but wasn't thinking big enough..

To me, it the ultimate question seems to be, "What is the True Purpose and Nature of Existence?" The answer, as far as personal experience and years with various sources of teaching have revealed, is that the Grand Purpose seems to be to explore and realize the full potential and possibilities of existence and discover if new possibilities can be created, potentially infinitely, or if they are finite. If Existence can grow and change beyond endless permuting. In short, to discover and challenge the boundaries on existence.

As coherent, free-willed parts of Existence, this is the purpose of us all, god and mortal. Life, as our limited mortal memories allow us to know it, is an exploration from which we learn and grow and a test of free-will. It is an aptitude test for the level of training and responsibility we shall receive in the next stage of our lives. The very test aids the Grand Purpose of Existence.

In fact, according to my church, this is the second test. The first test was during our pre-mortal lives and was failed by Satan and his followers, who are forbidden from ever gaining bodies and being able to directly affect the physical world. His efforts to make us fail the second test actually enable it. He fails to see that only open rebellion with sure knowledge of the truth can cause true failure.

Life's not a pass/fail test unless you make it such.