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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Fear that Feeds the NRA

Conservatives, particularly southern American conservatives (who largely still think a confederacy of freedom-loving slave-owners was an idea worth fighting for), cling to guns or as powerful weapons as they can get their hands on, because they are paranoid with fear. Fear of the jungle of social, economic, mobility, racial (etc.), inequalities their ideas and policies helped thrive. Many, whether Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist, or part of the spectrum of those who claim to follow the acts and teachings of Christ. I'd like to point out that in his eyes hypocrites ranked below only those who harm children and that the wealthy stood little or no chance of entering his father's kingdom.  He had little patience or forgiveness for either. 

The conservatives with real power take it from the masses through oppression of the spirit through force or finance, chains of steel or interest points. These few realize that as it has always been, it the the oppressed who have the real power and could wield it if they believed in themselves. So they spread their fear to those conservatives who have no real power. Those with real power fear losing it; those without real power believe their pathetic guns give them power. Their faith in the gun becomes unified and unshakable.

Because the fear the seeds of what their policies and ignorance have sown, they fear the vast majority of humanity, thus they need a lot of big guns to fight them off. What I wonder are they protecting their family for, if everything has broken down and everyone is out for themselves? Better try and stop that than try to be the only family standing in an environmental wasteland.

Hunting rifles have a purpose beyond the efficient killing of humans, other guns, and certainly anything with assault in the the name, don't.  Most guns, when used properly as intended, kill people. Assault weapons exist for no other reason. Semi- and full automatics are designed to do this quickly and in large numbers. Weapons that allow one family to take on the zombie hoard also allow one nut to kill as many innocent people as he has bullets for. Turning primary schools into war zones constantly on the bring of eruption doesn't make children safer. Ask the ones in Gaza or Afghanistan.

Conservatives are most likely to claim knowledge of the mind of god, yet they want to arm themselves, in church, against their spiritual brothers and sisters. How did Jesus, someone who controlled life and death, react to persecution, torture, and execution? Did he strike them all dead, particularly the homosexuals? No, he gave no resistance, forgave them all, and endured it all until his mission was complete. Then he chose to die. I'm not saying we're meant to all do this because it was his mission, not ours, but we're supposed to model ourselves after his example and sacrifice ourselves for the good of others, not strike the sinners dead and hope they fry in their Greek-inspired idea of eternal torment, which, like the Zeus-inspired image of a lighting throwing old man in the clouds, has nothing to do with Christ's message of love even for the enemy. He wants us to give him our pain because he can take it, and so that we don't create more pain by inflicting it on one another and ourselves. It is the pain we inflict upon ourselves and cling to that can stretch into an eternity.

Conservatives claim to be faithful, literal followers of god's words and then they completely ignore, "Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself," which Christ says encompasses all the other commandments and rules into one simple sure rule. We are obliged to forgive others as many times as it takes, so that we might be forgiven and forgive ourselves in turn.There is no room for vengeance.

Lastly, I find it absolutely hilarious that individuals in the most technologically powerful nation on Earth think they can hold of their hostile government army with the militia weapons that they can get their hands on. Even if they have a few major missiles, or even a nuke, they are up against satellites,stealth aircraft, drones, trained assassins, tanks, and completely overwhelming numbers. Keep your 30-round mag. It will help you last maybe three seconds. Weekend warriors think they are professional, elite soldiers who never miss or have equipment failure.

What a laugh.