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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Harper the Bully has Brought Shame Upon Canada, Repeatedly

Stephen Harper is as bad at being human as he is as an economist. He was told he should consider a different career when he was in school. His daddy's connections got him trained despite these deficiencies. He's delusional thinking he had anything to do with Canada's relatively fortunate state. Years of prudent legislation, tradition, and enforced regulation, protected us despite his neoliberal neoconservativism. So, in his world, of course they have to go.

He's done nothing but tear down the things that kept us out out of the financial mess as well as being, renowned for peacekeeping. Canada was just too reasonable, too boring, to attractive to outsiders, for him.

He wants us to be like America, where a giant sinkhole is eating a state, nuts want teachers to pack assault rifles, they elected his hero Bush twice, and their economy was the epicentre of the corruption and gambling quake that shook the world.

We're doing far to well in his eyes. Too many people think this is one of the world's best places to live. A place we could all be proud of, not just a few fanatics.

Until the Hypocrite gained his precious majority, the one to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

He is openly disdainful of the idea for a participatory democracy as evidenced by the way he treats parliament, as a speed bump for omnibuses. But he fears the voter as evidence by the Robocalls affair. He does everything he can to confuse and mislead voters so that they think that they have no true voice in the system. He knows that he is getting less than half the votes of the less than half who bother to vote. Harper the Hypocrite knows that, if we'd get off our collective asses, stop complaining and take a short portion of one day to pick the people who decide our collective fate, it is a numerical certainty that he would loose. That's why he relies on the politics of division, just like any predator, or bully (bullies are intentional about it and thus evil), picking on the weakest aws visciously. Truth and facts are irrelevant. He doesn't grasp the concept of diplomancy, just buisness negotyioations.

And we all know that with his economics history, he's out to prove that he's as good as his delusions. He is easily manipulated by real diplomats and real intellects. Moreover, he fears intellects becuae they can prove him wrong.

He's lead bully in a party of bullies treating our country like their high-school.

Is it any wonder so many of his attempts to attack our rights and fredoms have been challenged successfully and struck down by the courts.

Thank god there are still some adults left in charge.