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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Message for the Agents of Tyranny

I try not to sound paranoid, or like an all-out conspiracy theorist, but my Facebook account still tells me that I have 21 followers and then only shows me 19. It has been off by two since not long after I added the subscription ability to my account. It started out accurate, but then one invisible follower sprang up when I had about ten followers, and then another when I had about fifteen. If it's a glitch, it's been a long-term, stable one. 

The following is a re-posting of a note from Facebook that went with this image, in which an appeal is made to those who spy on ordinary citizens and otherwise act as agents  for Big Brother-style tyranny - corporate or national - to remember that they, as well as their loved ones, can become victims of oppression
When the master tires of the dog, or sees it as a threat, he shoots it and gets a new one.

To all Governmental Agencies spying on us the average Citizens over any/every social medias , blogs , forums , search engines and from all means of communications existing on this Earth , here’s what I and billions of others have to tell you !
Did it ever occur to you that you are as well being subjected with all these immoral and wrongful kind of actions yourselves from those who are employin
g you at doing these tasks ? That the most important thing in all of our very lives is Freedom of speech ! That this same Freedom of speech is the bearer ensuring for all of us to live free , not only for myself but for everybody ! !
You are most assuredly well positioned to know all about this and yet you are embarking in all these schemes from nine to five … “Business” as usual right ? Wrong , dead wrong ! You most likely have families and good friends out There , coworkers that you care for or maybe you also care about that person who’s serving your every morning coffee at your favorite restaurant ?
Aren’t you worried or even scared nowadays when you see what’s coming up ? You most surely know what are all the consequences if Rights and Liberties are to be removed from the People hands ! Perhaps it’s time for you to consider at backing off from that nine to five “job” ! Question yourselves and all about the shameful motives behind these cowardly actions !
Please don’t ever forget that you are a Human being first , a Human being just like the rest of us out There . You are in a position to do something important to change this world to a better place to live if you would just tell the truth to the rest of us . Be faithful to yourselves , to your own Human values and personal beliefs … Join us as we are you’re true Human family , and deep in your Hearts and Souls you know darn right that this is true !
I’m counting in that same Humanity within you to be this much needed change into our world ♥
Mr. Denis Jeannotte . 2012.09.24.