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Friday, August 10, 2012

Information Destroys the Industrial Age

The following is a series on CBC Radio that discussing how the Information (or Digital) Age is breaking down the institutions of the Industrial Age in practically every aspect of society. The Internet enables levels of communication, collaboration, openness, sharing of intellectual property, participatory democracy, interdependence, and transparency unlike anything in human history. Tapscott argues that the chaos we are presently experiencing is the creative destruction wrought by the death of one age, and the phoenix-like birth of a new one.

If you believe in the prophecy of the Apocalypse, this totally fits. Everyone forgets that the Book of Revelation describes humans reaching a tipping point where we nearly destroy everything, and then Jesus returns, ending the tribulation and beginning the Millennium, when Satan, and temptation, is chained and humans live in relative harmony with the world (I personally picture Star Trek, but then I’m a Trek fan). After this time, according to my religion, everyone becomes a raised immortal and goes on to one of the three Glories. In other words, things get really crappy and then they get better – a good description of the changing of Ages, even if you don’t take the religious part as literal truth.  
ReCivilization is a five-part series that examines some of the biggest challenges facing our world. It charts a path to the future enabled by the revolutions underway in communications, innovation and learning in this new, post-industrial, digital age. Celebrated Canadian author and thinker Don Tapscott guides us along this path with some of the most prominent minds in education, government, industry, the media, science, and health and medicine -- along with the pioneers who are collaborating to create a new era of networked intelligence.