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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harper's 4-prong Assault on Labour: Parts 1 & 2

The following are infographics from the Alberta Federation of Labour
They explain Harper's assault on labour unions, rights, and safeguards, as he sells out Canadian workers, the real source of growth and wealth, to give his corporate masters free reign unrestricted by regulations that protect the public and those pesky taxes that fund our society. That way our banks and corporations can't act as responsibly as those in the US (Wall Street and the Military-Industrial complex) and England (BP and LIBOR for starters). Of course, he's already backing Enbridge for a massive pipeline over some of the most vital waterways in our court. We can trust them, right? They've never cut corners. Right? (See my rant on Limited Liability and Bubbles Bursting for the history of corporations).
I'll post parts 3 & 4 when they become available.
"The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is not immigration. It's exploitation. These workers, many of who are desperately seeking a better life, are being used to create an underclass to drive down the wages and working conditions of Canadians. It's not fair or just to them or to their Canadian co-workers. "
Harper has a dangerous four-prong plan for making Canada a place of cheap labour and low wages!
Here's our infograph on PRONG 1: EXPLOIT MIGRANT LABOUR.