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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reformation of the revolution

The world dose not need a new revolution. It is presently experiencing one that began in Ancient Greece, was corrupted by the Romans and then retarded by the feudalism of the Dark Ages, before being renewed by the Magna Carta and then the French and American wars of independence from monarchy. Now it is spreading across the world at internet speeds. That revolution is constitutional democracy, where the rights of the society and individual are defined, balanced, and protected. Where the individual citizen is the government and each serves the other for the good of as many people as possible .

The revolution seems to be doing well despite some recent hiccups, and if the Dark Ages couldn't end it, I doubt Coke or Apple will. Our progress may get retarded, but I think history prooves that its force  is indefatigable.

Where that revolution has largely won, most of the West, we don't need a revolution to destroy the entire old system and bring in one entirely new. We need a reformation of what we've constructed to fix the flaws that have become obvious, refocus the true purpose of civilization, and improve the lot of the most people possible. Civilization is a group of individuals cooperating and compromising for the mutual good. Otherwise we'd be better off as large, muscular, clawed, hermits without speech.  A world of Sasquatch.

We need to reform our political, economic, and social systems so that they are no longer defined and controlled for the benefit by a small portion of those involved. Civilization didn't arise to create kings, it continued despite them. The modern democracy no longer needs nobles and can't function properly with anyone like them clogging the works. Nobles are rich because they hoard wealth. Those of means who keep the society's wealth circulating as widely as possible are not nobles regardless how much they circulate, they are investors in society and the justified rich. Nobles only invest in themselves. The reformation needs to dig out the leftovers of monarchy and imperialism, as well as the gambling that has become the basis of the economic system, overwhelming the political and social.

Monarchist feudalism is fighting back. We make nobles out of celebrities regardless if there is a talent or value to society as the basis of their celebrity, or if they just look cute or stupid for five minutes on YouTube. Nobles make serfs fight wars caused by personal insult or greed for power, land, or profit. Democracies use professional soldiers for defence of themselves or others. The world's last kingdoms are trembling but reformation is need to strengthen  constitutional democracy so their resistance doesn't throw us back into the dark.

We need to moderate inequality, removing it from the three systems as much as is humanly possible. We need to take the evidence of the past, both scientific and historical, and use it to to combine the good things and lessons of past and present to create a more reasonable future. Medicine is finally learning to do this. We need more evidence and less rhetoric when it comes to our government, economy, and society. We have civilization because of our intelligence and sociability not because of competing emotions. History in all its forms must be the basis, not the limit, of the the future. The original purpose of civilization has never changed: to unite citizens to accomplish goals beyond their individual power and establish the conditions that create the most, agreed-upon, good for the largest number of its members, without harming the individual or society. We need to refocus ours from the pursuit of monetary profit and growth at the expense of pretty much everything else. The revolution is surging across the globe. We need to clean up its it wake to make things sustainable. We must dispel the last vestiges of the Dark Ages and finally bring our civilization into the full light.

Light reveals and fosters healthy growth.