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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slavery in the 21st Century

According to official US sources, there are over 27 million people presently victims of slavery and human trafficking. That's more than in any other time in history. Hell, that's almost the population of my country. And yet most countries act like slavery is a thing of the past, eradicated on the way to our modern times. Actually, it's a booming economy, a rampant success of the free market and renewable resource exploitation, the perfect companion to unrestrained capitalism and allowing economics to run countries instead of morals and principals. Tyranny is the oldest corporation of all, with the free market determining the value of everything, even life. Debt, coercion, and war have always been the gateways to slavery. Now they're trying to enslave entire countries through financial markets that trade value instead of producing real wealth, with those doing the trading siphoning off society's gains or gambling it away so they can take advantage of the lack of regulations and tax breaks to concentrate the benefits among the few dogs that survive to make to the top of a heap of dogs who ancestors got them there. Very few got there on talent or genius that benefits anyone but themselves. And the rest of us are supposed to take service jobs to wait upon our betters. And the number of slaves continues to rise.