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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Idolatry as an expression of ego: the source of problems throughout history

 The following link is a very good discussion on the concept and expression of idolatry throughout history to today, but I disagree with one of the concepts raised by the evangelistic woman in the piece. Eve's gaining the knowledge of good and evil and wanting to be like god was not in itself idolatry but a necessary step in our evolution and progress. God and Jesus are our examples. We are supposed to want to become like them. Idolatry enters the picture when we start to believe we, another person, a place, an item, an image, or an idea is like god and put our faith in it. For example, papal infallibility and the worship of the organization of the church, countless saints, and Mary are what turned Catholicism into idolatry. Process philosophy teaches that everything is in a state of becoming, there is no static truth or state. I have been taught that even god develops and the afterlife is a place for unending development and learning, so nothing in this life is meant to be permanent and fixed, except god in relation to us. God is not a mystery except to we blind mortals who refuse to hear and see him. The mystery comes from the contractions and errors built into the mortal test to see how we handle them.

Idolatry for Beginners - CBC Ideas