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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life's Challenges

Some say HIV is god's punishment, but considering how Jesus treated sinners, it seems more likely to be a challenge for the rest of us, especially those who would judge them. He specifically said that those who judge will be likewise judged. Can you love the person and forgive the sin? Jesus did. He didn't condemn people for mistakes as long as they tried not to repeat them. He is a parent wanting his children to learn, not obey blindly. He hated willful blindness, hypocrisy, and selfishness. He said we must love everyone - NO EXCEPTIONS. (He also said that those who harmed children would be better off thrown to the bottom of the sea than face him, but that's another topic.)

He also said that we're each responsible for working out our own salvation (with him). That no one else can do it for us or force us into it. They can lend a hand, but they can't can save us. We're here to learn to love and rise above our animal natures, not to force others to be like us. We are to help, not judge or harm. The iron rod is a metaphor for the truth, not a literal rod. You don't convince of convert people by yelling louder.

We have chosen to come to this world from our pre-mortal existence  to be challenged and tested so that we might grow and develop. How do we handle contraction? How do we act when we don't know god's around? How do we handle free will? How do we handle power or the lack of it? Whatever our strengths were as pre-mortal spirits, that is where our handicaps now lie. Life isn't fair by design, but we are told that this is but our fetal stage and that the life to come will be relative paradise for all but the very worst of us. There is no eternal hell of flame and torture. There is no heaven of eternal purposeless bliss. The purpose of life is much grander than we dream and this isn't even really the beginning. We have yet to be truly born.