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Friday, October 7, 2016

#Games Have Their Place, But #Competition Can #Waste #Time

Types of games include: board, video, strategy, role-playing, athletic, solitary, card, dice, word, childhood, political, economic, emotional, professional, psychological, military, etc. 

Young animals, of many species, play games to learn  and develop physically and mentally for the real work of survival of self and species. 

If you spend all your time competing in games, political or any other type, you have no lee to accomplish real work of lasting value. A while ago I joined a group called Progressive-Minded Albertans hoping to find some who hadn't given up. The experience ended up proving the name to be a contraction in terms. They were only interested in pumping up one side and attacking the other, in winning. Not in exploring and discussing questions, ideas, and proposal that may have the possibility to be tools for building real positive lasting change for the common good. Not progress. I gave up trying to communicate with them until they are at least willing to read more than a title before attacking what they think the actual article is about. 20 years of living here and I have to yet find reliable, repeatable evidence that disproves the Albertan stereotype. But I'll keep trying.

The purpose of non-competitive, unofficial, personal discussion and debate is not victory. These debates and discussions allow us to hear our ideas spoken, see the reactions, heat the responses, and then compare them to the original we spoke words to consider if we said what we meant, meant what we said, or have to adjust or rethink.They are not sacred, legally binding, or written in stone, just thought bubbles changing shape as they enlarge, shrink, and move. Trying to win gets in the way and defeats the point of having the discussion or debate. Winning only counts when its official, long-term, and for a prize other than prideful bragging rights.

Role-playing games are the only type of game that I know of where you compete against the game, not others or yourself. Exploration of character and world through engaged, creative, imaginative, cooperation leads earns more valuable experience and everyone goes up a level. A valuable lesson and tool for "walking a mile in another person's shoes". An autistic, it helped me develop empathy and better social skills, as well as storytelling.
Awareness, focus, and engagement help resist the disintegration into a competition for time and attention.

Everything is always in process
Only compassion defeats dehumanization.