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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Conventions of Ideology

Today's party conventions of the Liberal and Conservatives perfectly demonstrated the two ideologies, even if the Liberals in particular often haven't. The Conservatives are trying to improve their image by voting to recognize the present realities of marriage and climate. The Liberals are voting on improving inclusiveness in their party, improving palliative care for our increasingly elderly population, and the institution of a guaranteed income, in recognition of what we face ahead. Self-interest versus compassion. The past versus the future Fear versus hope.

Can the Conservatives regain the trust and reasoning needed for productive negotiation after years of tyrannical fear-driven division?

Can the Liberals live up to the promise of a leader seemingly far more liberal than many of his predecessors?

We shall see.

Update: The Conservatives decided to recognize the reality of same-sex marriage and came partway to recognizing the pending legalization of cannabis by voting to approve decriminalization. I've heard nothing about climate change. I guess they continue to ignore it. They have inched toward the centre but done nothing remotely progressive. Harper tried to kill those roots. Perhaps he succeeded. The Supreme Court couldn't rule it unconstitutional like most other things he tried, and that most of the presently sitting Cons supported.