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Friday, April 26, 2013

Irony - America's Biggest Export

I find it highly ironic that America, perhaps the nation most responsible for overthrowing the Divine Right of Kings, has long used her power to keep kings, and other dictators, in place.

Can we say hypocritical?

Hey, Republicans, and Democrats, what do you think Jesus would say about that? He forgives all who0 seek it but had no kind word for those he found to be hypocrites. Less for pederasts, but that's another rant.

Which kings am I referring to? A good chunk of the Middle East - Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, and even Dubai. They have the oil. Kings control America's lifeblood. No wonder America sacrifices her young, and principles, so readily to keep them in place.Who runs America? Seems like some foreign kings to me. There is no representation on OPEC who determine the oil tax we all end up paying.

Why does America, especially those who claim the  word "republican" not only put up with but encourage such? Most are conservative to the point that they miss feudalism, of course picturing themselves as nobility. Each thinks that if there are kings, then it may be remotely possible for him to become one. Of course, people usually became kings through violence, they even built walls to keep invaders out. You have to be well armed or you're nothing but a serf and deserve it. It's the Divine Right in action. For there to be nobility, there must be slaves, serfs, peasants, untouchables, somewhere to do the work.

Not that similar lunacy doesn't pervade most western countries as well as many other parts of the world, including Canada. America is a special case though, so blatant and massive as to be the champion. Thanks to their media, the rest of the world is beat over the head with how good and just America is, while America is supporting kings with blood and technology. The juxtaposition is mind-blowing.

No one does irony better than America.