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Friday, March 1, 2013

Harper's Economic Accusation Plan

Harper blames unions, environmentalists, the elderly, soldiers, and the unemployed for the condition of our economy. He seems to think that by denying these groups funding, and clamping down on what he must think it truly rampant fraud, will cure the deficit and generate growth. Yep, clamping down on the odd hairdresser or seasonal laborer who can earn at most $1600 per month per person from the insurance fund to which they contributed,  that will fix everything. I guess he believes that they are all cheats,  that soldiers and the elderly don't deserve what they were promised for their sacrifices, and. of course, that refugees are ripping off health care with their heart attacks and needs for insulin.

Hospitals are actually being forced to turn people in critical condition away for lack of ability to pay, or saddling penniless refugees with huge bills. Harper promised that we wouldn't recognize Canada when he was through. Looks like America to me.

Here's a thought. Maybe if Harper spent as much energy and intensity on the tax system's worst evaders, he'd have far more economic success and a real and positive affect on Canada. Canada's, as well as much of the world's,economy is dragging and sputtering as our social programs and infrastructure are being eroded by insanely low corporate and high-income tax rates, the lack of estate and capital gains taxes, and the ability to ship most profit and income offshore tax free and then bring it back tax free. Then the tax evaders get paid interest on their offshore accounts, which gets provided by the interest that we get charged on the loans that inflation and stagnant earnings force us to take.

We work to pay the bastards who are ripping us off, for wages that are being forced below stagnation, and we're supposed to be grateful for the chance. We get charged just enough interest on just enough debt to keep us trapped on the debt train. That's what credit scores are really about. The same for international financial rating agencies. They keep governments servile to the gamblers of the largely artificial and all too often foolhardy game of high finance.

Financial breaks for the wealthy and their corporations have proven to result in them using the difference for gambling, not for improving the country/world's economy and the lives of its citizens. Unfettered by regulations they have taken the world into a spiral of bubbles and crashes that is pulling us all downward.

Maybe Harper's energies in finding cases of financial abuse and getting tough with laws should be focused on the real problem. Instead, he blames innocents, victims, patriots, and responsible contributors to our nation, and then tries to cheat the vulnerable of the insurance, pensions, benefits, and rights that required a personal struggle to obtain, or were gained through the struggles of ancestors.

Harper blames them as well. Everyone is enemy. Perhaps that's the paranoia that surrounding yourself with cheats, liars, and criminals creates. That's all he knows how to do, pick the worst possible ideas, advisors and appointees possible and accuse everyone else of misdeeds.

The Economic Accusation Plan is still going strong.

To paraphrase G.W. Bush's words following Katrina to the horse-judge he appointed to head FEMA, "Good job, Harper."