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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Insanity of Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism

Neoconservatives say they champion free choice but then they try to limit the range of choices to one, theirs. In the case of economics this means neoliberalism at all costs -- to society, democracy, and the environment. They refuse to admit there are other solutions, ones that unlike neoliberalism, might work - unless the destruction it is has wrought was the purpose, which I believe it to be.

What is neoliberalism? Basically it means keeping taxes low for the rich and big corporations, simplifying tax evasion through tax heavens on an obscenely massive scale, deregulation to make quick profit through gambling and corruption, suppression of wages and labour rights, the reduction and elimination of social programs, maximum funding for the military-industrial complex, and profiteering from exploitation, destruction, and murder. It treats the world as nothing but a market and it seeks to corner that market by any means possible. Neoliberalism is robbing countries, allowing corporations and individuals to hoard and sit on the world’s stolen wealth. It concentrates wealth at the top, leaving nothing to support the society. It can’t help but collapse.

The neoconservative ideology is rife with hypocrisy, the surest sign of evil. Claiming to champion free choice, they restrict that very choice with intolerant laws and profit from exploiting, endangering and murdering the very life they claim to protect.  They limit opposing opinions and ignore inconvenient facts in order to narrow our vision to match theirs so that their one solution becomes the only solution we can see.

Regardless how much neoconservatives want us to think otherwise, there are other choices and solutions that have a chance of working. After more than thirty years of the present neoliberal disaster, we know it doesn’t work - at least not for the majority of us. Neoliberalism actually dates back to the creation of the first corporations, around the 17th century, when nobles and their friends got together to fund colonial invasions and exploitation while giving them “limited” liability, financially, and no accountability. Almost immediately the first bubble inflated and collapsed, sparking the first real regulations. Then, again and again, despite the lesson of history, neoliberals deregulated , creating a bubble filled with corruption, and a resultant recession or depression. It has happened every time, no exceptions.

Neoliberalism is what Einstein would term as insanity - repeating the actions that caused the problem in order to fix it. You don’t save yourself from drowning by drinking more water.  Neocons not only seem insane, they are insane, continuing to push their one solution despite its obvious repeated failure. But then, as the Republicans have shown, they neocons find it easy to forget entire presidencies (eight years of Bush). They would like us to have memories as short, so they use the media and triviality to distract us.

Neoliberals have hoarded society’s wealth, while charging us interest, compounded, to make us utterly dependent on their largess and our sense of obligation and honour (of which they have none). Interest inflates costs, requiring higher wages for survival, sparking more inflation. It is counterfeiting on a massive scale, devaluing currency as surely as printing more paper notes or adding electronically to the supply in the system. It requires more currency than exists in the system based on the real wealth of the country  - resources, goods and services - creating it out of thin airThe neoconservative neoliberal attack on democracy, freedom, and nations is three-fold: 
  1. Drain the nation's wealth through tax evasion, low taxes and large incentives.
  2. Underfund social services and push austerity and privatization so that citizens must become dependent on the private sector, who will assume the power and role of government.
  3. Inflate costs through interest, quicker if compounded, and create a debt-slave workforce of serfs.
The neoconservative neoliberal agenda has always had two core ideas: conquest and exploitation. Being charged for the privilege of working (how much of your paycheque goes to service charges and interest payments?), while being forced to work in dangerous conditions and live in a ruined environment, is exploitation of the conquered.

Rights are abandoned when survival becomes primary. Neocons depend on it. Fear makes us accept almost any sacrifice if we allow it. Neocons use neoliberalism to create artificial shortages to increase profits (diamonds anyone?). They orchestrate and fund wars because that’s how colonies are created.

Everything is thought of economically. Everything has its value. Everything has its price. Neocon neoliberals see the world as nothing but a huge market to fund their privileges. Everything is considered according to “Net Benefit” - but whose?

Neocons have nothing positive to add. They inspire nothing but fear. They have no ideas about how to improve things, just threats that it will get worse without them. They treat our money as theirs. They cut, restrict, and ban, suppressing sources of unbiased knowledge and eliminating protections for anyone other than themselves. And the poor ones are fooled into thinking they might be one of the privileged one day, unless the rest of us make things worse. Ruled by fear, they fear the truth, responsibility, and cooperation, not to mention accountability. They claim there is no future unless we go backward. They use fear, not hope and rhetorical attacks rather than productive, intelligent debate.

Long before South Africa existed as a colony, the world had economic, social, and political apartheid with the tiny minority ruling the vast majority for the benefit of the minority. The 1% always tried to subjugate the 99%, whether economically, religiously, politically, or ethnically. They try to convince us that it is we who can’t survive without them, that we incapable of ruling ourselves and living without their trickle, and that average people, a great number of whom are poor, are deserving of their misery and the socioeconomic arrangement, while the 1% are somehow the deserving pure - aristocrats, Bluebloods, our Betters. The very ideas of equality and democracy undermine their arrogant view of reality - a royal view that they wish to restore to dominance.

Their “divine right”.

Serfs didn’t consider themselves slaves. They considered themselves as servants, as honest farmers, labourers, and craftsmen. They were allowed to live on their lord’s land and to work it for the privilege of maybe being able to keep enough of the wealth, generated by their work and skills, to survive. In return the lord, the “noble” (a term once synonymous with “virtue”) protected the serfs by forcing them to fight and die, untrained, in battles over personal insults, greed, or ambition.  Everyone served the “divinely chosen” king, or pope (a king in religious trappings), through their local lord, who determined who could marry, and often got to test-drive the bride. Thus virginity, besides being virtuous, was considered a thing suitable for kings; a very valuable commodity. But serfs didn’t think of themselves as slaves.

Yep, neoconservatism goes way back, and they want to drag us back there. Christian, Jewish, and Muslim extremists are all neoconservatives, with differing rules to which they pay lip service while perverting the true central meaning of their religion. Unless they are skilled actors, neoconservatives can’t hide their contempt for equality, democracy, and the common people (who they believe do nothing more than eat, drink, and reproduce). They want to return to the glorious past of princes and princesses, who fairy tales say anyone, even a frog, can become with talent (spinning straw into gold, mathematical genius, or a good slap shot), a magic benefactor (angel investor), or luck (better buy your ticket).  There’s always a “chance” of joining the elite and making everyone else your servant.

Those who fail to obey the rules of their game are attacked, intellectually and socially, with empty accusatory rhetoric, and even physically, with incarceration and violence. They are attacked until silenced.

Neoliberals legitimize counterfeiting, usury, and greed. They rely on the sacrifice of others and never sacrifice of themselves. They profit from fear and violence; their only fruit death. Neocons are constantly trying to drag us backward, digging in their heels as they face the future; pulling us back with assholes leading.

The neocon believes that the way to heaven is through hell, so they try to create hell, while the truly religious know the same thing, but work to create the heaven.  Neocons need enemies, so they try to make everyone else like them by sabotaging efforts at cooperating to get things done.

Neoliberals view the creators of their wealth, the workers - through production and consumption -, as enemies. To them everyone and everything is competition.   

They have been trying to strangle the Golden Goose of the innovative middle-class ever since it arose.

If allowed, they will take us all down with it.