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Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Important Petition

 This is a re-post of a petition by AVAAZ.org about returning control of our currency to Canadians and removing the burden of evil compound interest from our country.

 I urge everyone to sign it.

Reinstate the BANK OF CANADA

Reinstate the BANK OF CANADA

Why this is important

To Reinstate the BANK OF CANADA for the purpose of removing the tax burden of compound interest on our National Debt
Whereas Our former Prime Minister Mackenzie King once stated:“ Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit it matters not who makes the nations laws….Usury once in Control will wreck any Nation…until the control of the issue of currency is restored to government, all talk of Sovereignty and Democracy is idle and futile”
Whereas in 1974 the government of Canada stopped using the Bank of Canada for the purpose it was intended and has allowed private banks to create and lend money to our own government at compounded interest.
Whereas the Bank of Canada nationalized in 1938 is the people’s Bank and has been successfully used to finance undertakings at nearly zero interest rates without creating high inflation.
WHERAS, Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer stated, "The future of our young people--their ability to find work when they leave school; the future of adequate health care; the future of public education at reasonable cost; the safety and efficiency of our public infrastructure; our ability to live in comfort when we retire."

WHERAS, Former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer stated, The people of our nation do not understand our banking and monetary system and the impact it has on their lives. "If the majority understood that we are being ripped off by a handful of the greediest, richest and most ruthless con artists in the world we would finally rebel."
Therefore: We the People of Canada beseech our members of parliament to return to the use of the BANK OF CANADA as originally stated in section 18 of the bank act of 1938.
(In addition send your own message to the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and MP to demand immediate action. Letters are best; e-mail second best; petition largest combined group.)

Take Action; take massive action; take massive action right now!

Posted June 6, 2012