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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Conservative Credo: Blame the Government

Incorporation was created to relieve investors of responsibility for the actions and losses of a company while affording all the benefits of profit. Thus they created a non-person with the rights of a person and none of the obligations - the ultimate spoiled psychopathic child. Profit, particularly for those in control, is the only purpose for a corporation's existence.

Corporate tyranny can infect a government, but democratic governments can be changed. However, like replacing a rotten crop, it takes a while to grow a truly new generation of politicians.

Choice is built into the democratic system, while monopoly is the logical goal of corporations. Democracy tries to rely on cooperation while individualistic corporations compete to be biggest and devour their smaller, but more creative rivals. They continue this bullying behaviour by flooding politics with their only true resource, money, in order to further free them of responsibility and increase their ability to gamble and make bad decisions that enrich them and impoverish nations. And now the gamblers in the commodity markets are inflating the price of food higher than the drought damage justifies at this time. Deregulation continues to inflict its misery.

And then the corporations have the nerve to complain that the governments trying to clean up the mess, aren't doing it fast enough so the corporations can profit off it.

From a speech by Noam Chomsky at the MIT, in 1996.
“.. I don’t think people know what to be angry about. What has been created by this half century of massive corporate propaganda is what’s called Anti-Politics. So, anything that goes wrong, you blame the government.

Well okay, there’s plenty to blame the government about. But the government is the one institution that people can change. It’s the one institution you can affect by participation without institutional change, right? That’s exactly why all the anger and fear is directed against the government. The government has a defect: it’s potentially democratic. Corporations have no defect – they’re pure tyrannies. So therefore you want to keep corporations invisible, and focus all anger on the government.

So you don’t like something, your wages are going down, blame the government. Not blame the guys in the Fortune 500, because you don’t read the Fortune 500, you just read what they tell you in the newspapers. So you don’t read about the dazzling profits, and the stupendous this, and the wages going down, and so on. All you know is that the bad government is doing something, so let’s get mad at the government.

As I said, there’s plenty to get mad about, about the government, but the government is exactly as (John) Dewey described it as, it’s the shadow cast by business over society. You want to change something, change the substance, not the shadow. “