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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To Serve and Protect?

The RCMP were created as a military police force to establish control of the Canadian west. Storm-troopers with supposed honour, they serve only one master, the government. CSIS was created because the RCMP was trampling the people's rights in order to spy on them. So now CSIS spies on us. It is not an international intelligence organization but and internal security agency. In other words, the secret police. Our government pays lip-service to democracy and rights but our first-past-the-post, adversarial system is an elected dictatorship without term limits when a majority is in power. And it has all the tools of fascism at its disposal. Governments spy on their enemies, not their allies. Our system has placed everyone not in the ruling part into the opposition by default. Our system lets the minority punish the majority, for few majority governments have actually had the confidence and support of more than half of the people. Coalitions representative of the percentage of popular vote are the mature way to run a country. Canadians shouldn't be the enemies of other Canadians. We are not opponents in this enterprise called Canada but partners, and our government, the central organization point for that cooperation certainly shouldn't be working against us, let alone treating us like potential enemies of the state. And now Harper is removing a level of oversight for CSIS, a change that allows the minister in charge to claim that he didn't know what CSIS was up to when they get caught doing what they were created to do to us. He even told them that they can use information gained from torture. Considering we're who they deal with, that just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.... no wait, that's the electrode up my....

Thanks Canadian government for doing such a great job serving and protecting us.