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Monday, June 11, 2012

Deregulation: Private and Free - Really?

An example of the disastrous folly of neo-liberal deregulation and its true purpose as instituted by Mulroney, Thatcher and Reagen. Air Canada was privatized under Mulroney even though it is our only international and remote local carried and is given privileges as a result. Even though governments refuse to class it as an essential service, and thus point out that it shouldn't be private, they repeatedly treat it as essential to the country. The only ones who have ever benefited from this situation are the executives and shareholders sucking off the public tit disguised as free enterprise. Ever notice that workers always have to sacrifice to be more competitive, but the bosses and shareholders don't?  Deregulation creates chaos and puts the consumer at the mercy of the companies involved. It allows Canadian businesses to move to foreign countries that use sweatshops and then sell their products to us at huge profits while forcing backward the gains in labor standards and rights that we fought for over the last century.  Essential services need to be regulated government services, provided perhaps through contract tenders chosen on the basis of the best economic/quality balance (bang per buck). Trade agreements need to protect rights and standards, not allow them to be eroded. They should help the poorer rise to the level of the richer, not bring us all down. Deregulation degrades the service for those who depend upon by focusing on  profit maximization rather than service quality. True competition should make the service better and cheaper, but not if there is no protective regulations to keep all participants from lowering service quality to maximize profits. Fire people, raise prices. Large business and the financial sector do not suffer with the rest of us, they just cause that suffering.