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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Canada's Bush Era

 Stephen Harper is a combination of Bush and Cheney and surrounded the by same sort of drones. He would have taken us down the same delusional path when they were still in power, but he fortunately he couldn't get his majority. Now he's attacking the refugees, the old, the poor, the environment, science, his opponents, and anyone in disagreement.

Harper the Hypocrite is the most controlling, opaque dictator advised by criminals and cheats that our exploitable system has even produced. He inherited a strong economy and regulatory framework (which is why our economy wasn't gambled away by banks so-called "investing") just as Bush inherited the most prosperous and peaceful US ever. Bush also squandered the most international goodwill the US ever had, just as the Hypocrite is destroying our international reputation for reasonableness, social responsibility, peace, and the desire to good in the world by being an arrogant ass in the pocket of the oil industry. Just like Bush. Adopting the tactics, ideas, and blindness of Bush and the Republicans, Harper's war isn't against Ira and Afghanistan. Its fronts are against refuges, the poor, the elderly, the worker, the environment, and liberal democracy.

The Hypocrite thinks "Liberal democracy" means that the country is infested with progressives, so he's out to establish conservative corporate oligarchy (fascism) as the logical opposite. He thinks he's very logical, after all, economists like him are never shocked by the markets or economy, they always get it right.

The Bush era left the US a financial, political wreck so bad it caused the remaining Republicans to go into denial so bad they went insane.

It usually takes ten years for Canada to catch up to the US. Let's stop the process before we do.We cannot make the same mistake and give Harper the Hypocrite a second majority.

Our Katrina may be coming.